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TOMY's Nuiguru Knit Kirby Plushes Are Now Available Online

Takara TOMY's newest lineup of Kirby plushes is now available online, and they will make you want to pop Epic Yarn into your Wii or 3DS before you can even get your hands on them. Below, you can take a look at the Hovering and Waving Kirby plushes part of TOMY's Nuiguru Knit line of plushes!

As implied by the name, the Nuiguru Knit Kirby Plushes were designed to look as if they were crocheted together at home with some soft and colorful yarn.

The Nuiguru Knit Kirby Plushes are noticeably similar to Takara TOMY's 2022 Plush Knit Kirby and Plush Knit Waddle Dee that were only released in Japan. In terms of form factor and position, Kirby looks almost identical to his former counterpart.

Each Nuiguru Knit Kirby Plush retails for $15.99. Below, readers can find links to store pages that are currently selling each plush online: Amazon [$15.99]: Hovering / Waving

TOMY Shop [$15.99]: Hovering / Waving BigBadToyStore [$19.99]: Hovering / Waving

Currently, the Nuiguru Knit Plushes appear to be only available in North America. If the plushes are made available in other territories, we will keep you all updated on Kirby Informer's social pages.

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07 de mar.

super cute!! i'd love to get the waving kirby 💚

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