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U-Treasure releases new Kirby bridal jewellery!

U-Treasure is releasing some brand new Kirby jewellery and this time, it's some Bridal sets!

Both of these collections are available to purchase from the U-Treasure website, which I'll link here, and international fans are also able to purchase these rings via the WorldShopping option on the bottom of each page.

The first collection is set out for you, where you can pick out many different designs in platinum, rose gold, white gold, or just plain gold. These rings can set you back from ¥88,000 to ¥330,000.

Another set from the Bridal collection is that you actually get to make your own rings, called "MOOT", which stands for "My Only One Treasure". You get to pick out your own ring designs with the finish, pick out your birthstone and also get to pick a character engraved into the ring which are different designs of Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and much more. These rings can set you back from ¥99,000 to ¥165,000.

If you do purchase any of these gorgeous rings, please let us know and we'll glady post about them on our Twitter account!

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12. Apr. 2022

The first one is my favorite :)

Gefällt mir
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