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U-Treasure x Kirby & Starlight Friends collaboration

U-Treasure has come out with some stunning new necklaces featuring some of our favourite characters, such as Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, Marx, and Magolor in gorgeous designs. Each necklace comes in a different finish such as yellow gold, rose gold, or silver. The yellow and rose gold necklaces are priced at 38,500¥ ($482AUD, $340USD, €300, £257) and the sterling silver necklaces are priced at 13,200¥ ($166AUD, $117USD, €103, £88).

The reservation period for these necklaces is from the 2nd of December to the 27th, so you have a little while to decide if you'd like to make a purchase, but if you do wanna make that decision, you're able to do so via the U-Treasure website, as they have a "Global Shipping" icon on either the bottom of their site or on the side. If you need any help with purchasing, do not hesitate to send us a message on Twitter and we'll gladly assist you.

Here are the different variations of the necklaces below:

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1 Comment

Dec 03, 2021

for the fancy Kirby fan

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