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'We Love Kirby' 4" Original variant statue from First 4 Figures available for pre-order now!

Earlier this week, First 4 Figures announced a brand new Kirby statue, the 'We Love Kirby' statue, similar to the one from Kirby Star Allies and we couldn't be more excited for this to join the ever-growing Kirby line. The statue actually comes in three different variants, such as Original, Silver and Gold, and today the Original is available for pre-order with Silver and Gold being available for pre-order at later dates!

The statue is priced at originally $76.99 USD but the early bird price is $65.99 USD and you can grab it at that price for 28 days! If you'd like to pre-order the statue, you can do so by clicking the link here.

Here are some pictures of the statue down below:

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