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Talking Point: What is Your Favorite Kirby Plush?

Talking Point is Kirby Informer’s column where our staff and readers can respond to trending questions and topics! Be sure to join the discussion in our comment section below or head on over to our social pages and share your thoughts with us there!


Dani's (@lostndreamIand) incredible Kirby plush collection!

Plushes are an art form, and Kirby’s simple design has served as a great canvas for all sorts of inventive soft toys over the years. It feels like we can hardly go a month without a new stuffed Kirby line that experiments with texture, face design, embroidery details, construction method, or even overall vibe. Things are certainly great for Kirby plushes right now, and with HAL Laboratory’s recent job posting looking for someone to oversee the expansion of Kirby merchandise outside of Japan, it's safe to say a lot more soft companions will be making their way around the world in due time.

We want to know though, what is your favorite Kirby plush you own? And we are not just talking about the pink puff himself, but every character in the franchise! Have a read through some of our staff picks, and then be sure to head on down to the comments and tell us what plush is your favorite!

Itsudemo Karameru Mascot Kirby

"This plush, based on one of Kirby’s appearances in the Anytime Kirby picture book series [It’s Kirby Time] by Asami Taniguchi, gets everything right. Kirby’s expression is optimistic and joyful, and the plush’s firm shaping makes him look like he jumped right out of one of the picture books. He’s the perfect size, not too big or small–and he stands upright! To me, this is what Kirby would look like if he were real; this little plush has sparked my imagination in a big way." - Staff Writer, Collin Hall

Dreamy Gear Meta Knight

"What's more amazing than a Meta Knight plush? If you were thinking of a Meta Knight plush with a bowtie and top hat, you were obviously correct! Back when HAL Laboratory was running their Dreamy Gear Kirby promotion, Kirby and friends were given a steampunk makeover to celebrate their arrival at local train stations in Japan. While Kirby and Waddle Dee dressed up as engineers, Meta Knight fittingly dipped into his elegant victorian side as he was given the most dapper outfit of the promotion’s six featured characters. Just look at him. How could you not be mesmerized by that fancy attire?" - Editor, Marc Kaliroff

Kirby 30th Anniversary DX

"Honestly, the Kirby 30th Anniversary DX plush is probably one of the greatest Kirby plushes to ever exist in recent times. HAL releasing this glorious king of all plushes definitely made Kirby fans around the world go absolutely insane as everyone needed to have it—I mean just look at it! It weighs a whopping 6kgs/13lbs and stands at 62cm tall. With it being designed after classic Kirby, fans from around the world were absolutely going to go nuts for this piece of merchandise, and it’s definitely one of the most popular and most sought-after plushes in a lot of fan collections." - Editor-in-Chief, Eliza

Hat Studio Ichiban Kuji Kirby Magolor

"Kirby and Magolor. What could be better? This cuddly friend from the 2019 Kirby Hat Studio Ichiban Kuji combines my two favourite characters into one! Kirby, being ever so stylish as always pulls off the blue Hat and Belt combo flawlessly. Under the gear-shaped hood lies the cheerful, smiling face of Kirby who looks like he’s ready to take those extra energy spheres off your hands! As always, Bandai Spirits really knocked this one out of the park! I'd even say Kirby looks ready to spend a day at Merry Mago-Land in this delightful outfit! Bravo Kirby!" - Staff Writer, Dani

Little Buddy Magolor

"As much as I like Kirby, I don’t actually have many Kirby plushes. But I have a few, and my favorite is the Magolor plush from Little Buddy that I keep in my office! Magolor is my favorite Kirby character, outside of Kirby himself, and it’s just a very well-made plush, detailed, and true to the character. He sits on a stack of plays at the top of a bookshelf and watches me work, among some amiibo and small Final Fantasy VII figurines. I’m by no means the Kirby plush scholar I know some of my fellow writers here are–I’ve always followed the games more closely than I’ve followed the merchandise–but this question is convincing me it might be time to go further down the Kirby plush rabbit hole." - Staff Writer, Sean Douglass

Kirby Bulbul Plush

"This Kirby Bulbul plush is one of the very first Kirby plushies ever made! This plush was made available through Shogakukan's Second Grade Learning Magazine. There would be an application slip within the magazine. You'd fill that out, attach the payment to the application slip, and send it in! You'd then receive the item in the mail. This plush in particular released in 1993. This is one of my favorite Kirby plushies that I own; just look at that smile! He's also super fuzzy and soft. When you pull the string, Kirby shakes and sways!" - Staff Writer, Aurora

Kirby Adventure King Dedede

"I have bought many Kirby plushes over the years, but the only one I have wanted that I am still yet to find is Sanei Boueki’s King Dedede from the 2009 Kirby Adventure line. The fact that the plush uses his iconic anime look seals the deal for me. King Dedede's design from Kirby Right Back at 'Ya! is my favorite iteration of the character, and the amount of care Sanei put into making the plush is outstanding. In my opinion, this version of Dedede looks far better than the new Little Buddy release that we have today. I wish I could get one of those King Dedede plushes… if it wasn't $600 on eBay." - Staff Writer, Blipper

Itsudemo Karameru Mascot Kirby

"When I think of adorable Kirby plushies, the Karameru Itsudemo Kirby plush is the first that springs to mind! This collection was to commemorate the Anytime Kirby books series and was sold exclusively in selected Japanese bookstores. As part of this lovable collection, four incredible artists collaborated to create plushies based on picture book illustrations of Kirby. The Karameru plush is my absolute favourite because of the cute little sprout coming from his head and his fuzzy, soft texture. So precious!" - Guest Contributor, @dreamlandgem

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