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Long ago, there stood the distant realm of the Dream Kingdom. Usually resting in a peaceful state, things have started to change as more and more enemies had begun to invade. One day, a pink hero visits, and Team Kirby is soon formed as the defenders of the Dream Kingdom!

NA: April 12, 2017

JP: April 13, 2017

EU: April 13, 2017

First Released

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe continues the trend of deluxe-ifying subgames from their respective main game. Like the original, players make their way through a gauntlet of bosses and mini-bosses, gaining experience and other light RPG elements. This time, players are able to unlock special gear and weapons that resemble familiar Kirby characters as they achieve various goals. The download-only title is a free-to-play game--a first in the Kirby series--and offers optional microtransactions to help players fight to the top.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

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