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Whispy Woods

This dastardly tree is back! The guardian of Vegetable Valley fights much like he did back in the original Kirby’s Dream Land game. He’ll toss apples your way, and attack you with puffs of wind! Stay away from his nose, cause that will damage you! A close-range attack like Needle or Freeze can quickly take this guy down.

Paint Roller

Art usually tends to mimic reality, but what happens when the art itself becomes a part of reality? Paint Roller seemed to ask that question himself! This round fellow skates around his studio, going from easel to easel, painting new foes to help take you down! Some of these paintings yield Copy Abilities, so use them wisely. Be careful he doesn’t run you over when he’s done with his particular easel!

Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright

Kirby’s so powerful that he’s even going to take on the sun and moon themselves! Mr. Bright’s got a hotheaded temper, and will tackle you like the flaming hot ball of gas that he is. Mr. Shine’s more calculated, and will inch back and forth before throwing boomerangs at you. The one currently on the ground is the one who’s vulnerable, but the one in the sky will still try attacking you with laser blasts or raining stars, so watch out!


This one begins with a race to the top. It’s Kirby vs Kracko Jr., who will win?! Take the Starman’s Hi-Jump ability to make this section much easier, and be careful not to fall off! When he becomes the fully formed Kracko, he fights much like he did in Kirby’s Dream Land. He’ll drop Waddle Doos and Starmen, he’ll use rotating electric beams, and he’ll do some funky dive attacks to boot! Hit him where it hurts: his big ol’ eye!

Heavy Mole

Why is Heavy Mole digging? What purpose does he serve? He’s a machine, but who built him? Had the designer ever even seen a mole before? Sad to say, none of these questions will be answered when you take the fight to the caverns of Yogurt Yard. The battleground will be shaped by Heavy Mole’s constant right-bound movements, so be careful, don’t fall into pits, and try to hurt him from a distance! Eat the Dygclops he spawns for the Hammer ability, but don't be tempted by the red ones!

Meta Knight

He’s been helping you and sending minions out at you throughout the entire game. Is he friend, or is he foe? He tells you to take his spare sword when you enter his arena at the end of Orange Ocean. Once you comply, it’s time for the duel of your life. Meta Knight is quick and won't go easy on you, blocking your sword swipes whenever he can. Is he merely testing your capabilities, or is he out for your destruction? Who IS this masked warrior?!

King Dedede

The greedy self-proclaimed monarch returns in a dastardly duel beneath the very Dream Spring he was bathing in! He’s bringing back his entire moveset from Kirby’s Dream Land, plus a new floating ability that he so rudely copied from Kirby himself! He flinches when he’s attacked, so keep up the pressure and don’t get caught off guard! Go and save the day!

Nightmare Orb

This mysterious dark orb flew out of the Dream Spring once Kirby restored the Star Rod! What is it? Well, it’s clearly not a good thing! King Dedede, surprisingly enough, helps Kirby chase after it, and now the race is on! Attack this thing and dodge its incoming stars, and make sure to do it before you’re crushed by the approaching ground!

Nightmare Wizard

The true form of the entity attacking the Dream Spring is revealed! This evil dark wizard is Nightmare, the ruler of bad dreams! King Dedede broke up the Star Rod to prevent Nightmare’s power from hurting everybody, but now it’s Kirby’s turn to use the Star Rod’s power to destroy this fiend once and for all! He can only be hurt when he shows his tornado-like body beneath his cloak, so wait for the right opportunity and strike him down!

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