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The Dream Landers have woken up from a night's sleep without any dreams! The Dream Spring--the source of all dreams--has stopped flowing because it's been robbed of the Star Rod. The cause of this distaster? Why, it's none other than King Dedede, found swimming in the spring! Kirby makes haste to retrieve the broken pieces of the Star Rod before another night comes without dreaming!

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This Kirby title introduces Kirby's signature Copy Abilities, a landmark addition to the series as a whole. It also greatly expands the scope of the previous game, featuring more moves Kirby can perform and more stages per level. Despite releasing two years after the NES's successor, the game sold very well and was an impressive technical feat for the system.

JP: March 23, 1993

NA: May 1, 1993

PAL: December 1, 1993

Kirby's adventure




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