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Kirby becomes a skilled wrestler when he gains this ability! Inhale enemies to grab ahold of them and slam them into the ground like a pro!

Obtained from:



Press the button, and suddenly Kirby’s limbs are gone! As a ball, Kirby bounces around a whole bunch. Attacking as you land will give Kirby a damaging burst of speed!

Obtained from:


Paint Roller (baseball)


Waddle Doo’s signature move has become yours! Send out a electrical whip in front of you to wipe out foes! It’s got a nice range to it, so don’t hesitate!

Obtained from:

Waddle Doo


It’s time for a Kirby rampage! Certain special enemies allow Kirby to use this one-time-use power. When activated, everything on screen is subjected to countless Kirbys and is destroyed!

Obtained from:


Poppy Bros. Sr.

Paint Roller (bomb)


This ability is cool and all, making it so that you can toss boomerangs out in front of you to damage foes, or hit foes from behind if you jump over the returning boomerangs, but where exactly does Kirby even KEEP these boomerangs, anyway?

Obtained from:

Sir Kibble


This one’s a real classic power. Gain the breath of dragons as Kirby learns how to spit fire! Attack with a steady stream of flames, and even gain the power to light cannon fuses!

Obtained from:

Hot Head


It’s flaming tackle time! Press the attack button to launch Kirby forward with a fiery burst of speed, taking down anything in his path, including some otherwise-indestructible blocks!

Obtained from:


Fire Lion


It’s time to make everything just chill out for a little bit. Attacking with this will cause a radius of frost to radiate from Kirby, turning anything that touches it into ice cubes! Best used when sliding!

Obtained from:


Mr. Frosty


One of the most powerful weapons Kirby can add to his arsenal! Break special blocks, pound in wooden pegs, and deal loads of damage to bosses! You can even attack underwater, so it’s quite special!

Obtained from:


Dygclops (yellow)


Ever wanted to soar in the skies like a superhero? What? You can already do that by just floating normally? Well, ever wanted to do it faster, and damage enemies in your way? Now we’re talking.

Obtained from:



This move is just like the Fire ability, except with icy effects! Breathe out a steady stream of frosty breath and turn everyone in front of you to solid ice cubes! Kick them around for extra fun.

Obtained from:



A strong, ray of light bursts from Kirby’s eyes after he eats a Laser Ball! Use these laser beams to ricochet off angled walls, light certain fuses, and just in general look pretty dang cool.

Obtained from:

Laser Ball


So, you’ve found yourself in a pesky, dark room, and you can’t exactly see where the ground is. By using the Light ability, you can turn on the lights and make everything visible! How convenient.

Obtained from:

Cool Spook


Kirby’s never gonna stop practicing his singing skills! Whip out the microphone and let it rip, as Kirby’s voice will hurt everything on the screen! You’ve got three chances to use it, too!

Obtained from:

Mr. Tick Tock

Paint Roller (microphone)


Kirby harnesses his inner porcupine with this brand new move. Too many things nearby? Want some space to yourself? Press the button, and wham! Spiky doom for everything bugging you!

Obtained from:



Leisurely glide down from the skies with this trusty Parasol! Block incoming objects with it, even ones above you! It can even be used underwater, so keep this useful power around!

Obtained from:


Parasol Waddle Dee

Parasol Waddle Doo

Paint Roller (parasol)


Kirby’s a little bit sleepy right now. He could really use some rest. Just give him a moment… ...zzz...

Obtained from:


Dygclops (red)


Zzzzzap! Deal damage to everything surrounding you when you unleash the powers of static electricity! Or whatever kind of electricity Kirby’s using. I’m not even sure he knows.

Obtained from:


Paint Roller (Nimbus)

Star Rod

It’s time for the final battle! Use the power of the mighty Star Rod, protector of good dreams, to beat away the bad Nightmare and save Dream Land! Swing it on the ground to launch stars, and in the air to do twirls!

Obtained from:

Dream Spring


This ability sure does rock, if I do say so myself! While a stone, you’re totally invincible to even spikes! Get above whatever you want to crush, whether it be an enemy or a peg, and come crashing down on them!

Obtained from:



Kirby’s tried and true weapon of choice! Swing it to deal damage to whatever’s in front of you, and use it underwater to make attacking enemies a breeze!

Obtained from:

Sword Knight

Blade Knight

Meta Knight (boss)


Kirby’s decided he’s had enough of eating things. When you inhale with this ability, he just chucks everything right back! Thrown foes go in a straight line, so aim appropriately! You can take out special blocks with this, too!

Obtained from:

Rolling Turtle


Unleash the winds, and take out all in your path! Spin, spin, spin spin spin spinspinspinspinspinspinspin! Until you can’t spin anymore, and when that happens, don’t be over a pit!

Obtained from:



It’s the elusive UFO ability! Become a mysterious flying object and unleash a series of different electric beam abilities that depend on how long you hold the button down, and float all over the screen as you do so! But wait, this UFO isn’t unidentified, we all know it’s just Kirby! I suppose “Identified Flying Kirby” wasn’t quite as catchy of a name.

Obtained from:



As the tried and true adage goes, you gotta go fast! Kirby as a wheel will drive right past everything, including one-tile gaps! Speeding past levels is a breeze with this!

Obtained from:


Grand Wheelie

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