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Battle Modes

This page is under construction!

Check back frequently and it will be ready soon.

Battle Arena

A basic, fight-to-the-finish mode in which the last Kirby standing is the winner! Don't give up if you get KO'd!

Apple Scramble

It's a race to see which team of two can collect the most apples within the time limit! Don't let your eyes off of your apples!

Coin Clash

Hurry and collect as many coins as you can, but watch out for the ghost! It will turn you into a ghost if it catches you.

Attack Riders

Steal chips from opponents and ride the big vehicle to steal even more!

Crazy Theater

Be quick on your toes to complete mini challenges thrown your way. Don't let others distract you!

Rocket Rumble

Power up your rocket with fuel to see which one flies the highest! Watch out for incoming bombs!

Robo Bonkers

Robo Bonkers has to be stopped! Use missiles or other opponents to take him down before he slams you into the ground!

Slam Hockey

Send the hockey puck flying into the opponent's goal by crashing it into others!

Ore Express

Fill the train up with gems scattered around the area! Protect your own, steal from your opponents, and keep up with the action!

Flag Ball

Hit the opponent's flag with the ball, while carrying your own to prevent it from being hit!

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