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First Released

Kirby: Battle Royale

EU: November 3, 2017

AU: November 4, 2017

JP: November 30, 2017

NA: January 19, 2018

Invitations to Dedede's Cake Royale have been sent all across Dream Land! The grand prize of the event? A giant, scrumptious cake of your dreams! Naturally, Kirby heads off to participate, but awaiting him is a fierce competition...with none other than himself!

Kirby shifts the perspective of the fighting game genre, from the side-scrolling Kirby Fighters to the top-down Kirby: Battle Royale. A primarily multiplayer-focused game, players pit Kirby against colored copies of himself using his unique arsenal of Copy Abilities. While the core of the game is a last-man-standing-styled Battle Arena, there are 10 different game modes to play, including the item-gathering Apple Scramble and Ore Express, and the sporty Slam Hockey and Flag Ball. The game also includes a story mode for a single player experience, and is the first game in the series that has online multiplayer functionality.




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