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Bosses and Midbosses

Poppy Bros. Sr.

The elder Poppy Brother is much more battle ready than his junior! He won’t hesitate to toss bombs at you, but Kirby can just suck them up and spit them right back out at him! With only three hits to make, he’s a pretty quick takedown.

Be careful in the Extra Game, though, as this bomb-toting jester won't be clowning around! He'll toss his bombs very fast, and will even dive at you after every second bomb throw! Try to eat the second bomb very quickly so that you can spit it out without getting hit!

Whispy Woods

The iconic tree of Dream Land, Whispy Woods marks his debut as the first boss! He can spit puffs of wind out at you and drop apples on your head, but those apples can be spit right back out at him to deal damage! It’s safe to stand at the base of his trunk, but don’t jump into his nose!

Whispy takes things a lot more seriously in the Extra Game, as he more often will drop Gordos from above rather than apples! Eat the fruit and dodge the spikes as best you can, and stop this tree’s rampage once and for all!


The hero of Eggerland isn’t a friend to Kirby! He uses his skill in pushing blocks to slide them at Kirby, so you better inhale them and spit them back out before he escapes through his doorways!

In the Extra Game, he'll be pulling out all the stops! He uses his gloved hands to his advantage, tossing Gordos out at you after every block he pushes! Inhale the blocks, avoid the Gordos, and spit some stars out at him as he retreats!

Lololo & Lalala

Lololo’s back with a friend! He and Lalala continue to push blocks at you, but this time neither one of them stop, so be careful! Hit each of them three times to put down these two for good.

Thankfully in the Extra Game, Lololo appears to have forgotten that he can push Gordos around, because neither he or Lalala bring them back out in the battle. Instead, they simply walk much faster. Annoying? Yes, but not exactly the most threatening upgrade.


This flying airship is King Dedede’s personal war blimp! She’s pretty trigger-happy with her cannon fire, so once Kirby takes to the skies to combat her, just wail on her with the power of the Mint Leaf! With enough hits, she’ll be defeated!

In the Extra Game, she's probably the most challenging fight you'll face! Her cannon attacks will go wildly all over the screen, and she’ll very frequently try to dive right into you! Just keep spamming your attacks and dodging to the best of your ability! Since she weaves up and down across the screen, it may be helpful to follow that pattern so more of your shots connect.

Kracko Jr.

This floating eyeball is the master of this cloudy domain, so don’t treat him like a pushover just because he has no body! He’ll stay on the right side of the screen generally, but then swoop around and drop bullets on you! If you hide out on the left and then spit his Waddle Doos back out at him, you should be safe!

He may seem like much more of a threat in the Extra Game, but he’s actually much easier! If you hide out in the far left corner of the map, none of his dive attacks will ever hit you. Use the opportunities you can to inhale three bombs and spit them back at him to finish him off.


Keep to the corners as well as your distance in this rematch against the cloudy cyclops! He’s not holding back in his full form, but he’ll still drop Waddle Doos for you to use as fodder to damage him! Be wary of his rotating beam attacks and sudden swoops across the stage!

His Extra Game iteration suffers the same issue as his junior. Hiding in the corner and doing a quick jump in place when Kracko dives at you will let you avoid his two damaging attacks, and when he drops a bomb, it’s pretty easy to spit it back out at him as he returns to the center. Time to make this cloud cyclops cry!

King Dedede

It’s time to take the fight to the greedy king himself! The monarch has quite a few attacks up his sleeve, most of which will create stars for you to suck up and spit back out at him! He’ll jump around, swing his hammer, try to trip over you, and even copy your inhale ability to eat you! Just keep your distance and be patient until you can topple this penguin!

His Extra Game iteration is the final test of your Kirby’s Dream Land skill! King Dedede boasts an impressively large health bar now, and he attacks a lot faster than before! Still, though, his pattern is largely the same otherwise, so use your knowledge and save Dream Land from his food-swiping tyranny once and for all!

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