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Green Greens

Your journey will begin in a sprawling, green landscape rich with fields lakes. The path you take while maneuvering through the hungry Dream Landers will lead you to a Warp Star set for Whispy's forest. Make your way through and climb up the big ol' tree to find the forest guardian himself, holding one of the Sparkling Stars!

Midboss: Poppy Bros. Sr.

Boss: Whispy Woods

Castle Lololo

Lololo holds the next Sparkling Star, and you'll need to storm his haunted castle to get it! The building is full of alternate paths and and secret entrances to discover, but don't get spooked by the ghosts! Eventually you'll blast through a wall and find the owner of the castle. Chase him down outside the other walls of the castle to win your prize!

Midboss: Lololo

Boss: Lololo & Lalala

Float Islands

You'll make a tropical getaway next, but it won't be much of a vacation when the sea creatures attack! Ride the waves into a cool cave, and then unleash your inner pirate as you board a ship! The Warp Star you'll find aboard will take you to a whale on the horizon, which will effortlessly shoot you skyward where you'll fight the holder of the third Sparkling Star!

Boss: Kaboola

Bubbly Clouds

This cushy skyscape is the perfect home for flying enemies who don't want to be disturbed by pink puffs! Keep climbing higher and higher and you'll be among the cosmos, where ancient architecture is still present. Kracko will pop up a couple times to rain on your parade, but don't let him stop you from taking back the Sparkling Star he holds!

Midboss: Kracko Jr.

Boss: Kracko

Mt. Dedede

It's time to confront the greedy king once and for all! His boxing ring is locked behind the portrait on the wall, and the only way to get inside is to go through four other rooms modeled after the other levels! They may be small, but all of the bosses are there for payback too. Face off against the monarch and return the food to all of Dream Land!

Midboss: All other bosses

Boss: King Dedede

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