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On the southern Popopo Islands of Popstar, Kirby takes a nice nap when suddenly a dark wizard appears! He zaps Kirby, splitting him into ten small copies of himself. When all hope seems lost for one remaining tiny Kirby, his own heroic heart manifests and tells him not to give up! The team then embarks on a quest to stop the wizard and return Kirby back to his normal self!

Kirby sends the Nintendo DS off with a return to touch controls and another new style of gameplay. This time, players guide, fling, and carry up to ten mini Kirbys at a time. The more Kirbys in the group, the better they can fight back to pummel enemies and uncover secrets. The main game has a unique flavor with tons of new enemies to encounter, but you can expect the six extra minigames to be jam-packed with familiar Kirby fanservice.

JP: August 4, 2011

NA: September 19, 2011

AU: October 27, 2011

EU: October 28, 2011

Kirby Mass attack

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