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Kirby's out for a stroll when he notices a tasty-looking tomato on top of a bush. As he goes to gobble it up, an angry sorcerer made out of yarn appears, sucking Kirby into the sock around his neck! Suddenly, Kirby's made out of yarn himself, inside a woolly world in need of help. Can Kirby stitch this world back together before the sorcerer wreaks more havoc across Dream Land?

JP: October 14, 2010

NA: October 17, 2010

AU: February 24, 2011

EU: February 25, 2011

After a significant absence from home consoles, Kirby weaves his way into the Wii in perhaps the softest, cuddliest title in the series yet. Originally developed as an entirely new game without the pink hero, Kirby's moveset is completely different; instead of inhaling enemies for Copy Abilities, Kirby uses a yarn whip to carry them around and interact with the fabric environment, transforming his body on the fly. 

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Kirby's Epic Yarn

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