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Kirby Super Star

First Released

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JP: March 21, 1996

NA: September 20, 1996

PAL: January 23, 1997


King Dedede has stolen all the food in Dream Land! Dyna Blade is destroying everyone's crops! Kirby hunts for treasure! Meta Knight's army is taking over! The sun and moon are locked in a never-ending fight! And that's not even the end of it! Even more awaits Kirby in this jam-packed, 8-in-one adventure!

Often praised as one of the most popular and influential games in the series, Kirby Super Star expands even more upon the classic Kirby formula, creating new series staples left and right. Copy Abilities now grant Kirby a full set of moves and tricks, along with a unique (and fashionable) hat. Kirby can also turn enemies into Helpers that aid him throughout the game's many adventures, and can be controlled by a second player to double the fun!

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