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An interesting an often overlooked spin-off, Block Ball is Kirby's take on games like Breakout and Arkanoid. Like in those games, each stage is completed by clearing all of the breakable blocks. Kirby can use one of four Copy Abilities to perform strategic tricks in order to get the highest score possible. There are ten levels--each with a boss at the end--and one secret stage that is unlocked if the player is good enough.

JP: December 14, 1995

EU: December 25, 1995

NA: May 4, 1996

Kirby's Block Ball

First Released

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Kirby is once again on a ball-shaped quest through Dream Land, this time trying to clear as many blocks and obstacles in the way! A challenge awaits at King Dedede's castle if Kirby manages to clear the borderline scores of each level. Can he do it?

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