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First Released

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

JP: January 11, 2014

NA: May 2, 2014

EU: May 16, 2014

AU: May 17, 2014

Kirby wakes up one morning to his house being held in the sky by a gigantic, overgrown beanstalk! He sees King Dedede's castle suffer the same fate and decides to make sure things are okay, but a spider-like villain gets there first and kidnaps the king! As the villain escapes higher into the sky, Kirby gives chase and a new journey begins in the kingdom of Floralia.

Triple Deluxe can be seen as a follow-up to Return to Dream Land, as the same gameplay engine and art style are used with some minor tweaks. The 3DS game has a much more fantastical motif, however, with gorgeous artistic landscapes that take full advantage of the system's stereoscopic 3D. Kirby boasts the Hypernova ability in parts throughout the game and lets him inhale like never before, and keychains that reference Kirby's history are littered everywhere to make any collector and Kirby veteran overjoyed.

Title screen
Bell Kirby
Flowery Woods
Archer Kirby
Hypernova Kirby
Hypernova Kirby
Circus Kirby
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