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It's a Kirby free-for-all! Armed with their own Copy Abilities, multicolored Kirbys enter the ring and duke it out! Meanwhile, King Dedede prepares a team of his own and awaits only the best of challengers...

JP: July 23, 2014

NA: August 29, 2014

SK: September 24, 2014

EU: February 13, 2015

AU: February 13, 2015

First Released

Kirby Fighters, one of the subgames of Triple Deluxe, has been given the deluxe treatment itself! As a downloadable-only title, this game follows the same gameplay as the original: Pick a Copy Ability, and battle against other Kirbys in arenas based on familiar environments! Up to four people can play against each other (or together as teams), or you can go solo in a fight-to-the-top campaign similar to Classic Mode in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Kirby Fighters Deluxe

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