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Kirby's Dream Land 3

First Released

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NA: November 27, 1997

JP: March 27, 1998


It was a fine, lazy day of fishing for Kirby and his buddy Gooey, when all of a sudden a huge, ominous cloud of darkness began to spread across the skies of Popstar with no signs of stopping. With a brief rundown of the situation from Coo, Kirby was off to shine a light through the darkness that was invading.

Hanging onto the tail end of the SNES's lifespan, Dream Land 3 brings the series back to a more familiar Kirby experience. Compared to the more dynamic Super Star, this game is a softer, slower-paced game that features a gorgeous, crayon-like art style. Copy Abilities are reverted back to their single-attack form with the return of animal friends, including newcomers Nago, Pitch, and Chuchu. The game features a different character in each stage in need of some kind of assistance, and taking the time to help them out might be the key to bringing true peace to Dream Land...

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