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Kirby's Super Star Stacker

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JP: June 25, 1999

It's a peaceful night in Dream Land when a shooting star flies across the sky. While stargazing, King Dedede sees this star and decides to play a prank, shooting it out of the sky with a cannon! The star falls, landing right on Kirby's head, crying because of his broken pieces. Kirby volunteers to help, and the two begin their journey to find the missing star pieces!

While North America and Europe received Kirby's Avalanche in the early days of the SNES, Japan exclusively got its own Kirby puzzle game as the system was on its way out. Super Star Stacker, as the name suggests, is a remastered version of Kirby's Star Stacker on the Game Boy, following the same gameplay of lining up Star Blocks between two of the same animal friend. The game has a colorful new look and updated music, with a brand new story mode for single player experiences.

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