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New Footage of Kirby: Battle Royale Shows Off Different Modes

The official Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter account tweeted a short video of Kirby: Battle Royale! In it, three different modes are shown off:

"Tadah! Battle Royale NEWS! Today's report is about Kirby: Battle Royale's battle modes. The toughest Kirby can't be judged by only one battle?! With a combination of different rules and battles, the overall winner is decided through a tournament. In this video, we introduce some of the many battle modes!"

Translation courtesy of Pop and Sky Yoshi.

Here's a quick analysis of the new modes!

  • "Flag Shoot" seems to be a beach volleyball and basketball hybrid of sorts; two teams of two work to shoot the ball into the opponent's flag. First team to reach six points wins!

  • "Attack Riders" takes the battle into a racetrack-like arena, where players try to take control of a Rex Wheelie-like vehicle. The three others not riding it can attack it to take control of it themselves.

  • Finally, "Gather! Apples Match" features two Whispy Woods that players will need to attack and collect their apples, which are then taken to the team's colored basket.

In all three modes shown, an excited crowd watches along the sidelines, making battles look as if they're part of a game or tournament. New music is also in the video!

Kirby: Battle Royale is looking to be much more than a standard beat-em-up fighter. The reveal trailer posted a few days ago says there will be 10 different modes in total. What do you think of the game so far?

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