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Kirby: Battle Royale - New Story Details

Kirby: Battle Royale for 3DS will have many different multiplayer modes, but a single-player campaign is also included in the form of Story Mode. The official Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter account has been sharing a few new snippets of what to expect as far as the premise goes:

"Baba-m! Battle Royale NEWS!

If you want to play solo often, then I have good news! In Kirby Battle Royale, there's a story mode called "Dedede Grand Prix". In a strange tournament, you compete against many other Kirbys, and aim to be number one!

...Huh? Speaking of many Kirbys, how did he multiply?"

"Babababaam! I have obtained some shocking footage!!

In the so called "Dedede Grand Prix" tournament meeting hall, there's a mysterious machine called the "Kirby Printer"! What the...?!"

Interesting stuff! What's King Dedede up to with his new Kirby Printer? Why's Kirby being pit against these literal copies? Fans in PAL regions won't have to wait that much longer to find out, as the game launches on November 3 and 4 in Europe and Australia respectively.

Japan will get the game on November 30, and North America on January 19 in the new year.

Thanks to Pop for the translations!

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