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Results for the Favorite Copy Ability Poll are In; Mirror Takes the Gold!

The results for the Favorite Kirby Copy Ability poll that began on September 13 are in! Take a look at the results below:

The official site also details the other five abilities of the top ten altogether. Here's a complete list:

  1. Mirror

  2. Yo-yo

  3. Sleep

  4. UFO

  5. Plasma

  6. Suplex

  7. Sword

  8. Cook

  9. Wing

  10. Missile

The North American site doesn't clarify which ability ranks which spot of the bottom five, but the Japanese site does! The Japanese site also details the top five abilities per region--Japan, America, and Europe respectively:

But there you have it! Mirror Kirby had been chosen as the number one favorite Copy Ability and will be added to the roster of Kirby: Battle Royale! Here are the first couple screenshots of the ability in action:

Mirror Kirby will also receive a free-to-download Nintendo 3DS home menu theme sometime in the near future--we'll be sure to let you know when that goes up, but for the time being, a special Mirror-themed wallpaper for desktops and smartphones can be downloaded now. Click the wallpaper below to check out all of the different sizes!

If your favorite ability didn't make the list, perhaps not all hope is lost! There seems to be another round starting on the 14th of November!

More details are yet to be revealed, including whether previous winners will be able to receive votes or not. But until then, what are your thoughts on the results of round one? Did your favorite ability make the list? What will you be voting for in round two?

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