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Sleep Kirby Wins the Second Copy Ability Poll!

The results for the second round of the Kirby: Battle Royale Copy Ability poll are in, and the winner might come off as a surprise! It's none other than Sleep Kirby that took home the win! Take a look at the video below to see it in action.



For the first time in the series, the Sleep ability is given attacking moves and finally steps into the arena for some pillow fighting! It can also put opponents to sleep with comfy sleep caps, and gain more health by taking a quick nap while dreaming of cake!

Sleep has been in one of the top spots of both polls in Japan, and the decision has been made at last. According to the Japanese site, it looks like the ability will be added at least to the Japanese version of the game on February 2. No current word on other regions yet, but we don't anticipate it being too much longer of a wait. We'll update this post when an official English word has been put out.

Update: As of 10 pm EST on February 1, Sleep is now available to download and use!

Otherwise, how do you feel about Sleep being the winner? Are you excited to knock out your opponents with plushy pillow power?

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