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Smash Ultimate - Chef Kawasaki revealed as an Assist Trophy / Fountain of Dreams returns!

During today's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, lots of new items and Assist Trophies were revealed. One new Assist Trophy is everyone's favorite food master, Chef Kawasaki! When summoned, he'll use his extending ladle to grab an opponent and throw him in his giant cooking pot, much like Kirby's Final Smash from Brawl.

Along with Kawasaki, we also got confirmation that the fan-favorite Fountain of Dreams stage is returning from Melee!


Wowee, does it look beautiful!


We also got confirmation that the Dream Land stage from Smash 3DS is returning, too! It's now called "Dream Land GB"



This means that all past Kirby stages have been revealed to be in Smash Ultimate. Hooray!

We're all still hoping for a particular spear-wielder to join the roster at some point, but for now, that's all the Kirby news that was brought with today's Direct!

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