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BoxLunch Releases Exclusive Kirby Copy Abilities Long Sleeve

Recently, retailer BoxLunch has been releasing a ton of exclusive new official Kirby merchandise including pins and wireless earbud cases. Another piece of Kirby merchandise has landed on the website, this time being a cotton-made long sleeve t-shirt coated with eleven of the pink puff's copy abilities. On the back of the shirt reads "Kirby's Adventure" in Kanji. Have a look at their latest product below!

The Kirby Copy Abilities Long Sleeve T-Shirt retails for $32.90, however, BoxLunch tends to have sales so either get on their email subscription and try to hold out for a coupon or get browsing online! It should also be noted that BoxLunch exclusives also tend to leave the retailer's catalog quick so do not wait on this shirt if you really want it -- the same goes for the wireless earbud case which is still available!



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