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Build-A-Bear Workshop Tweet Sparks Speculation for Kirby Collaboration

Out of all the replies to a tweet today from Nintendo of America promoting Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, one stood out the most: a reply from plush-selling retailer Build-A-Bear Workshop. The tweet simply states, "Hi Kirby!" but every fan of the pink puff knows what really came to our minds from the response: could a Kirby and Build-A-Bear Workshop collaboration be in the works?

We here at Kirby Informer certainly would love it, but before we get speculating, have a look at the tweet below yourself:

While Build-A-Bear Workshop's tweet is just a seemingly innocent response, we will definitely be keeping a very interested eye out for any possible news for such a collaboration in the near future!

From Animal Crossing to Pokémon, Build-A-Bear Workshop has a strong history of collaborating with Nintendo and its second-party partners over the past few years. Just yesterday, Build-A-Bear Workshop announced that Sobble would be joining their Pokémon line-up of plushes, and not long ago, the Super Mario collection was rereleased.

Personally speaking, I think a Kirby collaboration would be a great addition. The possibilities could truly be endless. Perhaps I could get my very own citrus-scented Waddle Doo! What more could I ask for? What do you think of Build-A-Bear's response? If they did end up announcing such a collaboration, which Kirby characters would you like to see in the line-up? Let us know your thoughts!

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