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Kirby Café 2021 Winter Menu Unveiled

As the winter season approaches, Dream Land's iconic café will once again take on the holiday time with a brand new menu. The Kirby Café's dedicated winter 2021 lineup will be making its way to the establishment's locations very soon. Below you can get a good look at all the delicious and adorable meals Chef Kirby and Waddle Dee will be cooking up in the coming cold months.

First up on the menu are two new iterations of the Kirby burger we previously reported on last month. The "Winter Kirby burger" and "Winter Waddle Dee burger" are updated designs of the meal featuring both characters' winter costumes and a larger portion size. The new dish will come included with the contents of the original meal and pasta coated in powdered snow cheese. Customers who purchase the item for ¥2,984 will also receive the large souvenir plate the dish is served on.

Next up, for ¥1,298 "King Dedede's Kakuni The Mountain -- Winter Yosoi" places the iconic Dream Land castle above crispy vermicelli, radish, potatoes, and vegetables with a cheese sauce. Stacked together, the food combination pays homage to the look of King Dedede's home that sits on top of a cloudy mountain in the majority of the Kirby games.

Getting back to the star of the show, "Kirby's winter warm pie stew-with roast beef" speaks for itself. It's a hot clam chowder pie with a sour raspberry sauce printed beneath Kirby's sleeping face! Like the Kirby burger, customers who purchase this specific menu item for ¥2,984 will receive the souvenir winter soup mug the meal is served in.

Finally on the main menu is "Kirby's favorite! Hors d'oeuvre-Kaifuku! Sushi edition", a unique spin on the cocktail dish that has been a mainstay menu item at the Kirby Café since its inception. The new iteration of the meal features an array of different sushi including salmon and tuna. The sushi dish is the lowest priced food item on the new menu as the dish is priced at only ¥1,188.

In terms of dessert, three new additions will be added to the menu too! As can be seen above, the big new piece to spotlight is the "Kirby's Winter Fun Time" combination that brings Kirby and Whispy Woods together for some caramel pudding, whipped cream, and fresh fruit. Kirby is ice fishing on a chocolate sauce used to dip fruit in. The souffle's selling price is ¥2,384.

As for the other final two deserts, the new "Fluffy White Tiramisu -- Waddle Dee and Snow" and the "Whispy Woods Winter -- Hot Apple Cinnamon" are served fresh in mugs. While the apple cinnamon drink is only ¥986, the tiramisu's price of ¥2178 comes included with a limited edition winter spoon!

When more winter Kirby Café news shows up, you can count on us to let you know!



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