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Kirby Informer is Now on Threads

Hello, everyone! Marc here with an important update regarding Kirby Informer's social media platforms. Some of you may have already noticed by now, but Kirby Informer has joined Meta's latest app, Threads! To keep things short and simple, I wanted to quickly notify everyone of what we will be doing on the app and how this will be affecting our other social media accounts.

For those looking to keep things really really short, though, absolutely nothing is changing in terms of content! You are just getting more Kirby Informer on more platforms.

Meta Threads

With the social media landscape constantly evolving and changing, we here at Kirby Informer want to provide the latest news and content regarding the pink puff on as many platforms as possible. Giving our readers the freedom to choose how they interact with Kirby Informer is always important to our team. For this reason, we will be posting the same exact content that goes up on our Twitter on our Threads page. Again, nothing about our Twitter will be changing now that we are on a similar platform. One thing that we do recognize, however, is that Threads is currently lacking some specific features we heavily utilize on Twitter (direct messaging being the big one). Our team is hopeful that these missing features will be added to Threads soon, but until then, if you have a question for our team, do not be afraid to simply send a thread directly at our account! For readers who are already on a smartphone or tablet, click the link below to give us a follow on Threads! If you have not already, be sure to also give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter!

As always...

Stay safe and healthy, Marc Kaliroff

Director of Content at Kirby Informer


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That's great that we'll get more Kirby news on other platforms!

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If anyone thinks I'm being sarcastic, then uh... no

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18. Juli 2023

Kirby we all my heart 1

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