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Kirby Informer's "Karby Road" Shirt is Now Available on Etsy

Always look both ways before you cross the streeteven if you are in a forgotten city! Created by the incredibly talented Ben Hall, Kirby Informer's second unisex t-shirt, "Karby Road," is now available on our Etsy Store! Have a look at the shirt and two up-close photos of the design below!

Karby Road takes inspiration from the pink puff's latest mainline adventure, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and the iconic Abbey Road album cover. Featuring multiple familiar faces, this design will make you feel warm inside—and not just because of our shirt's new softer material!

With our previous shirt, we learned a lot of lessons and wanted to improve our next design before it was released. For Karby Road, our team opted to utilize a softer shirt made of 52% polyester and 48% sprung cotton (previously, "The Pink Samurai" was made of 100% sprung cotton). The reason for this change is simple: feedback. We do not take feedback lightly or ignore what our audience is saying. The Kirby Informer team wants to ensure that every person who purchases a shirt to support our site is provided with the highest quality product we can provide. Many purchasers of "The Pink Samurai" had hoped for a softer shirt—so we responded and delivered! We also added a 2XL shirt size after several requests were sent to Kirby Informer on our socials.

We hope returning customers will be satisfied with our new material and we look forward to hearing from you again! For any first-time purchasers, please do not be afraid to share your feedback with us on Etsy and our socials! For those interested in purchasing a Karby Road t-shirt, please use the discount code "FRIEND5" at checkout to receive 5% off your order. This discount code also works with The Pink Samurai and will be active until April 28.

As stated before, buying a shirt from Kirby Informer's Etsy Store helps support our website and fund giveaways across our social pages! All funds are being used to expand Kirby Informer as we embark on new endeavors and tackle more ambitious projects.

Thank you for supporting Kirby Informer! We are looking forward to bringing you all more Kirby content this year!

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1 Comment

Apr 02

super cute!!

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