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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Will be Added to Nintendo Switch Online Next Friday

Get ready to enter the Mirror World once again! Nintendo has announced that Kirby & The Amazing Mirror will be added to Nintendo Switch Online's Game Boy Advance application next Friday, September 29th.

Below, viewers can check out the full trailer from Nintendo's YouTube channel!

Kirby fans first learned that Kirby & The Amazing Mirror would be a future Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack title during the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance application's reveal. This version of the game features Switch Online's rewind feature, save states, and online play--there is no need to worry about having the necessary accessory cables to play with friends this time around!

As a reminder, to access Game Boy Advance titles on Nintendo Switch Online, the premium tier of Nintendo's subscription service is required. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is only accessible on Nintendo Switch through the Expansion Pack.

Are you excited to play Kirby & The Amazing Mirror? Let us know in the comments below and on our social pages!

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1 Comment

As a Kirby fan that was around after the GBA I was very happy to finally be able to play this game.

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