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Pre-Order Guide: Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

You're probably already buying Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, so why not get a fun little trinket too? As of two weeks before the game's official launch, there are ten different goodies in total to potentially pick up with your copy of the game. In this guide, we will show you what each pre-order bonus is for Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe and where you can get them!

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United States

Walmart - Floating Kirby Key Chain | Back In Stock!

This cute keychain is a step above some of the other pre-order bonuses on this list. But drat! The pre-orders are already sold out online. You'll just have to try and grab it in-store or look in envy. (Edit: This item is currently back in stock!)

GameStop - Box Art Poster

GameStop follows its long tradition of pre-order posters with yet another pre-order poster. Good thing the box art for Return to Dream Land Deluxe is great!

United Kingdom - Sticker Sheet and Microfiber Cloth

Heck yeah! We love stickers! We could take or leave the microfiber cloth, but remember: with cute stickers comes great responsibility (about where to stick them).


Gamestop - Kirby-Shaped Sticky Notepad

Kirby memo pads are super common and inexpensive in Japan, but those of you over in the land of maple will have to make do with a little pad that comes with an $80 game. But hey, it's a super cute bonus!


Amazon - Line Ruled Notebook

This is a really nice, slender notebook with pink grid lining on every page. The bottom of each page also has a cute monochrome version of the game's logo! Maybe this will fit in your Midori Traveler's Notebook...

Lawson - Acrylic Keychain

One of our favorite convenience stores in Japan is giving away this cute acrylic keychain based on Kirby's box artwork. Neat! There sure is a lot of competition in the world of Kirby keychains...

Rakuten - Pencil Case / Flat Pouch

Keep all of your Kirby stationery together with this small pouch from Rakuten! There's an endless amount of Kirby stationery out there, so more ways to store it are always good.

Bic Camera - A4 Clear File

Add another clear file to your probably ever-growing pile. Japan sure loves clear files, and we do too~

Hong Kong - Kirby and Friends Paper Clips / Bookmarks

This one has us especially jealous! For those living in Hong Kong, this inventive pre-order bonus will help you keep important documents together, or maybe will help you keep track of your page number when you're flying through the latest Kirby novel. Dedede's looking more penguin-like than ever here...

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