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Spotlight Showtime: Kirby's Dream Friend Charity

Spotlight Showtime is Kirby Informer's Community column dedicated to giving Kirby content creators the spotlight they deserve. For our first entry in the series, we are shining the spotlight on a recent collaboration! This project is the Kirby's Dream Friend Charity, spearheaded by Savi (Twitter/YouTube). The Kirby's Dream Friend Charity features 27 creators within the Kirby community who have come together and discussed their favorite characters in-depth to support EMERGENCY!

Dream Friends!

27 content creators have banded together to help create this wonderful collaboration project. From artists and data miners to streamers and a whole lot more, folks from all different parts of the Kirby community have partnered up to support the charity EMERGENCY. Clocking in at almost 75 minutes long, the project's video is extremely heartwarming. Everyone discusses their favorite Kirby characters, and how they have helped them in some way, whether it was finding solace in being able to relate to a backstory or gaining a sense of motivation and perseverance from their actions.

Please check out the full Kirby's Dream Friend Charity video below!


Founded in 1994, EMERGENCY is a humanitarian aid organization and non-governmental organization [NGO] that provides free medical treatment to victims of war, poverty, and landmines. EMERGENCY has treated over 12,800,000 patients since being founded. We greatly encourage readers to check out their website right here for more information!

The first donation goal for the Kirby's Dream Friend Charity was €100, which has been reached! As of right now, €181 has been raised. Savi has provided us with the graphic below that outlines all of the donation goals!

To check out the Kirby's Dream Friend Charity, visit the page here! To make a donation, please visit the donation page here! Additionally, you can reach out to Savi with any questions you may have in regards to the charity!

Shining the Spotlight!

Lastly, as is the goal and intention of the Spotlight Showtime articles, I would like to shine our spotlight on the charity's various participants! The participants listed are those who have given permission to have their details in this article! Please see below for their Twitter and YouTube pages, and give their content a look!

Kirby Informer did not receive permission to include various participants at the time this article was posted. You can see everyone listed within the video's description!


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dream friends wave 4: elfilin, prince fluff and Mizore Yoroizuka (from the anime: Liz and the Blue Bird)

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Eddy Smith
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