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Switch guide

Switches are big buttons hidden in some stages that unlock extra features on the map screen. Finding and pressing them is necessary for 100% completion of the game, and the difficulty in finding them varies. The door of the stage will stay red if it has a switch left unpressed inside. This page details how to find every switch in the game.

Butter Building stage 1

You won't see any big switches until the third level of the game, and you'll have a hard time missing this first one. After walking down a long bridge full of enemies, you'll enter a room where it's in plain sight. Drop down the second hole in the floor and enter the door. After demolishing the walls of the room you enter, you'll uncover the door that leads you to the switch.

Unlocks: Arena (Grand Wheelie)

Butter Building stage 6

One part of this stage takes you up the outside wall of Butter Building, and as you climb up the clouds, you'll see a notch in the wall covered by four Star Blocks. Destroy them to find a hidden door that leads you to a room with a Bomb Block attached to a wall. Destroy the Bomb Block to take down the wall, but be quick to cross the room as a new wall will take its place. Enter the door on the other side to find the switch.

Unlocks: Egg Catcher

Grape Garden stage 1

Make your way through the aurora-filled room lined with Star Block bridges until you reach a big Star Block checkerboard. Using the Beam ability from the Waddle Doos stuck in the structure, you'll notice a break in the checkerboard pattern in the top-right corner. Enter a secret door where the extra Star Block was to find the switch.

Unlocks: Crane Fever

Grape Garden stage 3

Navigate through the big, windy airship room until the screen won't let you move forward, and there will be a door hanging off from one of the airships that will lead you to the switch. Be careful not to enter the door on the biggest airship beforehand, as that will progress you further into the level without a way back.

Unlocks: Museum (Sleep, Ball)

Grape Garden stage 6

This one is easy to miss, as it's hidden out of sight in the dark room of the stage. There is a door immediately to the right of the first hill, which can normally be seen if you grab the Light ability later on in the room and backtrack. Light isn't necessary to enter the door, however, so regardless of how you enter you'll find the switch.

Unlocks: Warp Star

Yogurt Yard stage 1

At one point in this stage, you'll skydive among other falling enemies until you hit a floor of Star Blocks. Break through the floor and you will keep falling until you hit another floor of Star Blocks. Hidden to the left behind some of the Star Blocks is a door that will lead you to the switch.

Unlocks: Crane Fever

Yogurt Yard stage 4

After the mostly inside part of the stage, you'll head back outside and hop across platforms that stick out of big waterfalls. Look carefully, as there will be a small waterfall coming out of the side of a wall, and you can enter the hole it comes out of like a door. Once you enter, climb up the jagged steps into the white door and you'll find the switch.

Unlocks: Arena (Bonkers)

Yogurt Yard stage 5

Toward the bottom of the first room, you'll find a tree that you can enter through a door. Be prepared, as you'll need to be quick with your ability copying in order to use a cannon. Grab the Hot Head's Fire ability to light the fuse and immediately discard the ability to grab the Starman before it flies away. Launch yourself through the Star Blocks with Hi-Jump, land in the cannon before it fires, and the switch will be yours. If you don't get it on the first try, you can always reset the setup by going back out of the door and back in.

Unlocks: Quick Draw

Yogurt Yard stage 6

This switch is the only one that requires an outside ability. You'll need Hammer, which can easily be obtained through Yogurt Yard's Arena. Keep the ability throughout the entire stage and head inside the palm tree door on an island near the end of the stage. Inside the water-filled room, you'll be able to break the green blocks in the middle with Hammer and enter a hidden door to the switch.

Unlocks: Warp Star

Orange Ocean stage 1

As you make your way through the room with Flamers circling floating platforms, enter the first door you see and you'll be in a green cave. The white door inside leads to the switch, but is blocked by a metal block, which can be broken with abilities like Stone or Hammer. If you didn't keep Hammer from the last switch or from Heavy Mole's battle, you can easily obtain it again by swallowing the nearby Flamer and Sparky at the same time and letting the Mix run by itself.

Unlocks: Museum (Wheel)

Orange Ocean stage 2

In the first room, go through the door at the top of the shaft guarded by the Bomb Block to obtain the Stone ability from a Rocky. Keep the ability through the next cloudy room as you avoid the enemies and explosions and go inside the door that's inside a sheltered structure. From there, avoid the Sparkies and pound the peg directly underneath you to open the door to the switch.

Unlocks: Arena (Fire Lion)

Orange Ocean stage 3

This one is a little tricky to find. When you defeat Bonkers, grab his Hammer ability, climb up the ladder, and break the crate to go underneath the floorboards. Go all the way to the left and destroy the Bomb Block to flood the ship, and while it doesn't look like it, it'll also make a door where the Bomb Block was. Enter it to go outside of the ship and in the ocean. Enter the door guarded by a Sword Knight and carefully eat the Laser Ball inside. Go back out and into the other door and you'll find a cannon with a fuse that can only be lit by Laser, despite the Hot Head walking around. Shoot a laser into the slope on the top right to light the fuse and quickly go inside the cannon to be shot to the switch.

Unlocks: Crane Fever

Orange Ocean stage 4

In the big, cavernous room, work your way through and you'll eventually be swimming in green water toward the bottom. Before you climb up the ladders at the end, drop back down into the water underneath and there will be a secret door in the alcove of the stone mound. Enter it to find a submerged switch.

Unlocks: Egg Catcher

Orange Ocean stage 5

Grab the Hot Head's Fire ability in the room after the icy cave and avoid the speedy Waddle Dees and Doos. Break the Bomb Block and drop down the shaft it creates and you'll find a fuse. Once you light it, fly out of the hole and drop down another Bomb Block shaft up the hill and you'll reach the cannon. You'll need to be fast and careful not to collide with the speed demons to get to the cannon in time, but when you do, you'll be sent to the switch.

Unlocks: Quick Draw

Rainbow Resort stage 1

The path to this switch is at the end of a long Star Block tunnel in the second room. Using the Fireball ability from the fast Flamer in the room, dig your way through the ceiling above the group of three Waddle Dees and you'll enter a door to the switch.

Unlocks: Crane Fever

Rainbow Resort stage 6

Use your classic Kirby's Dream Land knowledge to find the last switch in the game! At the end of this throwback stage in the Bubbly Clouds segment, fly upwards past the goal and enter the crescent moon as you would a door to find a secret room, just like in the original game. The switch awaits at the bottom!

Unlocks: Warp Star

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