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Who knew that Dedede was into making hot beats and jams? It's finally the king's time to shine as he bounces and slams across endless drums in a rhythmic adventure of the ages!

JP: July 23, 2014

NA: August 29, 2014

SK: September 24, 2014

EU: February 13, 2015

AU: February 13, 2015

First Released

Just like Kirby Fighters, Dedede's Drum Dash from Triple Deluxe has been deluxe-ified too! This is a unique rhythm-based game that has King Dedede bouncing across a theater-like stage of drums and gongs. As players progress through stages to familiar Kirby songs, their challenge is to avoid obstacles and enemies, and collect as many coins as possible to earn special medals and trophies celebrating His Excellentness's excellence.

Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe

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