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Kirby 64: THe Crystal SHards

First Released

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JP: March 24, 2000

NA: June 26, 2000

EU: June 22, 2001

AU: 2001

Kirby is enjoying a night of stargazing when a fairy suddenly falls out of the sky! The distressed Ribbon's home planet has been attacked by Dark Matter, who shattered their precious Crystal after she tried protecting it. With the help of new friends along the way, Kirby and Ribbon go on an interplanetary journey to retrieve the Crystal Shards and stop Dark Matter!

The final chapter of the "Dark Matter trilogy" is the highly praised classic that is Kirby 64. Similar to other main titles, this game is a sidescrolling platformer, but takes advantage of its new fully 3D-rendered graphics to allow for dynamic camera angles and fleshed-out scenery like never before. Kirby 64's signature feature is allowing players to combine two Copy Abilities together to create a brand new one, with crazy combinations that range from exploding snowmen to refrigerators.

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