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JP: August 23, 2000

NA: April 9, 2001

As Kirby peacefully naps on a cloud, Waddle Dee and King Dedede scurry by, carrying large bumpers to Dream Land. Woken up by their ruckus, Kirby investigates what they're up to, only to find out that Dream Land has once again been ridden of its stars!

Kirby's round physique once again provides a roly-poly experience! While Tilt 'n Tumble was Kirby's sole outing on the Game Boy Color, it's unique in that the entire game is controlled by physically tilting around the system itself, thanks to an accelerometer built into the game cartridge. Aside from making Kirby tumble through secret areas in the main story mode, five other motion-based mini-games are included too.

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble

First Released

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