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When an evil force threatens the Mirror World high above Dream Land, Meta Knight flies up to investigate, only to never return. Not long afterwards, Kirby is attacked by a shadowy version of the masked knight, and is split into four copies of himself! The gang of four give chase to the mysterious invader and discover the chaos surrounding the Mirror World.

JP: April 15, 2004

EU: July 2, 2004

NA: October 18, 2004

AU: 2005

Following the footsteps of Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land--a remake--the Game Boy Advance is treated with an original Kirby adventure. Amazing Mirror is unique from other games in the series due to its "metroidvania" level structure, interconnecting the Mirror World in one map instead of breaking it up into point-A-to-point-B chunks. While Nightmare in Dream Land featured 4-player co-op, it's a prominent part of this game, letting each Kirby go their own ways if they choose.

Kirby & tHe amazing Mirror

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