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During a seemingly-peaceful stroll around Dream Land, Kirby sees a vibrant sorceress in the sky, who proceeds to turn the world into a painting. Kirby is left helpless after being changed into a ball as this happens, but hope reveals itself when the sorceress's Magical Paintbrush comes to his aid. The new team sets off to give Dream Land its true colors back!

JP: March 24, 2005

NA: June 13, 2005

AU: October 6, 2005

EU: November 25, 2005

With the introduction of touch controls comes a brand new style of gameplay for Kirby! Players guide the fully-spherical Kirby with the Magical Paintbrush itself, drawing rainbow pathways on the screen for him to roll across, while tapping the environment to rid obstacles and stun enemies in the way. Each level holds three medals to collect, and completing Copy Ability challenges earn you more, which can be used to purchase unlockable goodies like different-colored paint for the Magical Paintbrush and new playable characters.

Kirby: Canvas Curse

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