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Kirby air Ride

First Released

JP: July 11, 2003

NA: October 13, 2003

EU: February 27, 2004

AU: March 30, 2004

In the more otherworldly parts of Popstar, Kirby goes airborne on high-tech Air Ride machines! It's good ol' fashioned Kirby racing, as multicolored Kirbys soar through vast landscapes, compact tracks, and a bustling city filled with excitement!

The racing genre of games have been graced with a unique Kirby flavor! Players control Kirby riding on one of many Air Ride machines--fanciful hovercrafts that come with special properties--with the can't-be-simpler control scheme of two buttons. Kirby Air Ride includes three different ways to play: the standard Air Ride mode is what you would expect from a racing game, Top Ride yields frantic micro-races from a top-down perspective, and the popular City Trial has you roaming a big cityscape while powering up your vehicle, before facing off against each other in a final challenge.

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