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First Released

Kirby Star Allies

NA: March 16, 2018

JP: March 16, 2018

EU: March 16, 2018

AU: March 16, 2018

Deep within the edges of the galaxy, a mysterious being performs a ritual on a dark, crystallized heart, causing a swarm of smaller dark hearts to scatter across space. Planet Popstar is affected as they rain down on Dream Land, much to the curiosity of the inhabitants who live there. Awakened by a single pure heart, Kirby notices that King Dedede's cohorts are suddenly stealing all of the food in Dream Land again. Don't they know better by now? Why the change of heart? What is that ominous purple cloud above Mt. Dedede? Kirby rushes to find out.

The Kirby series debuts on the Nintendo Switch by embracing the "share the joy" philosophy of the console. Building upon the foundation the modern titles have laid down, Star Allies takes a page from Super Star by giving Kirby the ability to befriend his enemies and have them fight alongside him. Having up to three other Helpers at a time, players can work together using unique Friend Actions, and combine elemental attributes to Copy Abilities, greatly expanding upon the idea introduced in Squeak Squad. Along with collecting puzzle pieces to form illustrations, players will encounter lots of familiar characters throughout the game, and even play as ones who haven't been seen in the series for a long time.

  • Abilities and Friends

  • Levels

  • Enemies and Midbosses

  • Bosses

  • Game modes

  • Illustration Piece guide

  • Videos



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