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Kirby Squeak Squad

First Released

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JP: November 2, 2006

NA: December 6, 2006

AU: February 28, 2007

EU: June 27, 2007

SK: September 14, 2007

During another lazy day in Dream Land, Kirby decides to have a picnic. Today's snack is a delectable strawberry shortcake, but as soon as Kirby goes for a big bite, it vanishes right before his eyes! Suspecting it's the antics caused by King Dedede, Kirby heads for his castle, unaware of who the true gang of thieves might really be.

Kirby returns to his usual, button-pressing gameplay in his second game on the Nintendo DS. Players will find lots of treasure chests scattered around levels, which can be taken to the end to unlock all kinds of rewards. The chests will be carried inside Kirby's belly--occupying the bottom screen--with other things like food reserves and Copy Abilities held in bubbles. Bubbles, in turn, can be mixed together to create a better item, or simple combined Copy Abilities like Fire Sword and Ice Bomb.

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