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NA: September 22, 2008

JP: November 6, 2008

SK: November 13, 2008

AU: November 27, 2008

EU: September 18, 2009

The Nintendo DS is treated with a remake one of Kirby's most acclaimed titles, Kirby Super Star, for the new generation. Everything from the original game has received a polished new look, utilizing the DS's two screens for a more organized UI and added functionality. In-game cutscenes also receive a makeover, now being 3D-rendered and more cinematic than ever. A second player can join Kirby as a Helper even if there's only one copy of the game, and with the inclusion of seven brand-new modes to play, players won't be left with a shortage of content!

Kirby Super Star Ultra

First Released

Dream Land's food stolen! Dyna Blade rampages! Kirby treasure hunts! Meta Knight takes over! The sun and moon fight! Wait, now there's even more!? King Dedede seeks revenge! Meta Knight trains himself! The Helpers prove themselves! It's a jam-packed, ultra super deluxe-styled set of adventures!

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