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First Released

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

JP: March 7, 2019

NA: March 8, 2019

EU: March 8, 2019

AU: March 9, 2019

One day when Kirby's taking a walk, he suddenly crosses paths with a caped sorcerer who whisks him away into a world where everything is made of yarn! The world is in turmoil because of the sorcerer, so Kirby steps up and helps stitch it back together. But now that the sorcerer is in Dream Land without a hero, will Kirby be able to make things right again?


One of Kirby's last escapades on the 3DS is an enhanced port of his Wii debut, Kirby's Epic Yarn. Everything from the Wii version of the game is brought over to the 3DS game, but it's not called Extra Epic Yarn for no reason! New features have been added, including the Copy Ability-like Ravel Abilities, a new challenge mode called Devilish Mode, and minigames that star King Dedede and Meta Knight. The game also utilizes Kirby series amiibo to sport Kirby with an outfit based on that character.

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