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Super Kirby Clash

First Released

NA: September 4, 2019

JP: September 5, 2019

EU: September 5. 2019

AU: September 5, 2019

A long time ago in the land of the Dream Kingdom, all has seemed peaceful and happy, until the mighty Hornhead started causing havoc! Luckily, Team Kirby stepped in to help out the citizens in need, and with good timing, too, for what awaits them is a nightmare of new challenges and foes.


A sequel to the Nintendo 3DS title Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, Super Kirby Clash follows the footsteps of its predecessor as a free-to-start mission-based game. The familiar light RPG elements, unlockable gear, and Gem Apple-collecting all return, but this time around, there are new enemies, challenges, and full online support in either a lobby setting or with friends. A new type of item called Stickers can be purchased with Gem Apples, and act as messages and indicators for online play.



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