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Kirby 25th Anniversary event at Kiddy Land Japan!

It's Kirby's birthday, so what's the best way to celebrate? Having an event dedicated to him! Kiddy Land 's multiple locations in Japan are holding the event on the 9th September to the 29th September.

Multiple 25th Anniversary themed merchandise will be for sale at the event as well. Check them out below:

  • Kirby Cake: 1,800 yen, $16USD, $20.80AUD

  • Kirby Candy: 800 yen, $7.30USD, $9.20AUD

  • Kirby Cookies: 1,000yen, $9.20USD, $11.50AUD

  • Cookies in Jar: 1,500yen, $13.80USD, $17.30AUD

  • Folder Holder: 1,200 yen, $11USD, $13.90AUD

  • Folder 3-Pack: 1,000 yen, $9.20USD, $11.50AUD

  • Kirby & Meta Knight Rings: 15,000 yen EACH, $138USD, $173AUD

  • Kirby Pillow Case: 1,800 yen, $16USD, $20.80AUD

  • Taranza Plush: 2,500 yen, $23USD, $29AUD

  • Susie Plush: 2,000 yen, $18.40USD, $23.10AUD

  • Scarfy Plush: 1,300 yen, $12USD, $15AUD,

  • Maximum Tomato Pass Case, Candy Pass Case, Star Rod Pen Holder: 1,300 yen, $12USD, $15AUD

  • Kirby Notebook: 800 yen, $7.30USD, $9.20AUD

  • 2018 Schedule Diary: 1,600 yen, $14.70USD, $18.50AUD

  • 25th Anniversary Theme Plastic Stand Set: 650 yen, $6USD, $7.50AUD

  • Kirby Board-Game: 3,200 yen, $29.50USD, $37AUD

  • Mocchi-Mocchi 25th Anniversary Plush: 2,990 yen, $29.60USD, $34.50AUD

  • Mocchi-Mocchi Keychain Plush: 990 yen, $9USD, $11.50AUD

  • 25th Anniversary Plushies - Kirby & Waddle Dee (S): 1,300 yen, $12USD, $15AUD

  • 25th Anniversary Kirby Plush (M): 2,500 yen, $23USD, $29AUD

  • 25th Anniversary Varsity Jacket: 6,800 yen, $62.70USD, $78.60AUD

Our friends over at are hoping to get some of the items in the list above on their site! Send them a tweet at @AitaiKuji and let them know what you'd like to see on their site to purchase!

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