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Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES - Kirby Super Star + Kirby's Dream Course review

Today is the day every Nintendo fan has been waiting for. The Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES (in PAL regions)/ Super NES Classic Edition (NA region) has been released and it's everything you could want in a little emulator.

When they first announced that the Mini SNES was going to be a thing, everyone hoped to have some sort of Kirby games on there, and we got them! We got Kirby Super Star and Kirby's Dream Course! As someone who hasn't played any single one of these Kirby games, I had to get my hand on this mini console.

First up, I played Kirby Super Star. Let me tell you this, it was a big bundle of fun. Yes, I did yell, quite a lot, but playing with a SNES controller when you're used to a GameCube/Switch controller, it's hard to make it comfortable. All of the mini games were superb, and completely different from the last. You could play it multiple times, over and over, and it would be even more fun with friends.

Next was Kirby's Dream Course, and this game took me a while to get used to. I couldn't figure out how to play it (may have skipped the tutorial), but once I got the hang of it...I still sucked. It was different, but so damn satisfying when you hit the enemies or got Kirby in the goal. You technically only have 4 times to get your shots right, so it was quite interesting to see how many times I would fail and get Game Over.

Overall, these two Kirby games were a lot of fun, and I can definitely see why they have such a big following many years later.

If you're able to pick up a SNES Mini, I'd definitely recommend it! It's the biggest piece of nostalgia you'll ever have.

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