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Kirby 30th Anniversary merchandise available for pre-order!

Our friends over at Aitai☆Kuji have announced that they have a lot of the Kirby 30th Anniversary merchandise available for pre-order that was exclusive to the Japanese market.

The 30th Anniversary merchandise includes plushes of so many of our favourite characters such as Kirby, Waddle Dee, Gooey, Daroach, Whispy Woods, Taranza, Scarfy, Magolor, Marx, Susie, Chef Kawasaki, Waddle Doo, King Dedede, and Meta Knight.

I might add, that the plushes of Kirby and his friends are re-runs of the original Senei collection.

There are also multiple different Kirby plushes that have been released as well, all in different poses, sizes, colour variants, etc. and they're all super adorable.

Other items in the 30th Anniversary line-up are glass cups, a stainless steel bottle, plastic containers, keychain mirrors, keychains, a pennant flag, a little pouch, and a sketchbook.

You can buy all of these items over at Aitai☆Kuji's website by clicking here.



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