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The Fountain of Dreams is a magical reservoir that provides dreams and hope to all citizens of Dream Land. When everyone woke up one morning without having dreamt anything, Kirby investigates the Fountain of Dreams, only to find that King Dedede had stolen its power source, the Star Rod! Kirby makes haste to return peaceful nights to everyone.

Kirby springs into the new generation with a remake of Kirby's Adventure, arguably one of the most influential games in the series. The original game has received a huge facelift in both looks and sound, with brand new subgames and an alternate playable Meta Knight mode. While some bits of design has been altered for the modern gaming world, the spirit of the source game is very much left intact for newcomers to appreciate.

Kirby: NigHtmare in Dream Land

First Released

Also Available on

JP: October 25, 2002

NA: December 2, 2002

EU: September 26, 2003

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